Also: The Vauxhall Signum

The Signum fits in somewhere between the Vectra hatchback and estate in Vauxhall's line-up. The Signum has focused on improved cabin space at the expense of cargo space.
In recent years Vauxhall has avoided producing radical products and has been geared towards more practical safe cars. Things have changed with the current generation Vectra and Astra. These two products presented a new, bold design that was completely different from the company’s previous, more boring offerings.

These cars were proof that Vauxhall had the ability and desire to make decent cars that drove well and were built to a high standard. The Signum was introduced as an alternative to the traditional compact executive car. The car’s focus was primarily on comfort.

The Signum shares the Vectra Estate's longer wheelbase chassis, but boot space had to be sacrificed in order to give rear seat passengers more room. This space has allowed the company enough room to give rear seat passengers seats that can individually recline. The cabin provides a luxury feel, and should provide the high levels of comfort.

Enhancements have made the Signum a more enjoyable car to drive, build quality has also been improved, and a higher level of standard equipment is being offered. The car’s nose has been enhanced, and the car truly has a premium feel. The car’s non-premium badge may work against it with buyers who are concerned with image.


The Signum offer good value for the money, with high levels of standard equipment, and economical engines. The diesel engines return the best fuel economy. Service and running costs should also be low.

The Signum is a people carrier, and will seat four adults comfortably. It boasts a longer wheelbase than a Vectra, which means better legroom for rear passengers. The car’s rear seats also fold down flat to improve cargo carrying capabilities.

The Signum's instruments and main controls are clear and easy to use. The car's main dials are large and its displays are easy to read., while the centre fascia display is bright and clear. The car’s main controls are straightforward and practical.


The Signum provides good levels of passenger comfort. The car easily holds four adult passengers with the occasional middle rear seat. The car provides excellent rear legroom and headroom, and the cabin successfully suppresses most engine and road noise.

Access to the car’s cabin is unhindered for both front and rear passengers. Egress is equally simple and shouldn’t pose any problems. The car’s tailgate allows good access and is very functional.

The Signum is not too difficult to park. Limited rear visibility may complicate matters somewhat, but parking sensors are available. The car’s large side mirrors help out a lot as well.

Life Style

The second generation Signum has received several enhancements. The car is now more capable of delivering a good ride with excellent feedback. The car has been designed more for comfort, and all of the engine variants are equally impressive. The diesel motors are the best choice, and the auto gearbox option is responsive.  

The Signum could make a viable family car for a small family. The car only seats four, but it seats four quite comfortably. The car also boasts good boot space, and can accommodate the items that are associated with family life.

The Signum will probably not be the first car choice for many young buyers, but the car is easy to drive and park. Running costs are low, but the initial purchase price may be too high for most first time buyers. The car has a good deal of power on offer, and that may pose a problem with some novice drivers.

Vauxhall’s quality of vehicles has improved greatly. The Signum boasts a solid-looking cabin and glossy paint finish are testimony to the company’s improved standards. perfect illustrations of the progress made. Badge snobs are not likely to give the Signum the time-of-day.

Security and Safety

The car comes standard with remote central locking, deadlocking, plus a security alarm and an engine immobiliser. Buyers may wish to add a visible deterrent as well.

The car comes equipped with front, side and curtain airbags as standard, while a raft of electronic stability and traction devices add to the level of safety. Isofix mounting points are also included.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a sat-nav system, a single CD player and radio. Steering wheel controls are included and the overall system is a good one. The sound quality is excellent.

The car’s extyerior design looks the most flattering in dark, premium-looking metallic shades. Inside, the car's seats whether fabric or leather give the cabin a premium feel.


The Signum is a premium quality car, it looks and feels like quality build. Despite the car’s premium feel its mainstream badge will find it difficult competing with more prestigious brands.

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